Thunder King was officially opened on March 13th,
. This fanlisting dedication stems from my
                                         love for the Air Gear series in general and of
                                          course my adoration for the "Thunder King", Nue.
                                            Nue stands out from the rest because of the
                                            phenomenal regalia he owns and its speciality.                                           He isn't given much scenes within the anime and                                           manga. However, his few appearance were                                           enough to make an enormous impact

   The site's name is basically self-explanatory. Nue is the owner of the Thunder regalia which allows him the ability to manipulate electricity and magnetism. As a result, he was given the title of "Thunder King."

Nue is the Thunder King, and head of the team "Black Crow", which is made up of twenty children. Nue's Regalia is unique in that it's the only full body Regalia of the AT world. Apart from his neck and head, his whole body is incased in the Regalia. Nue specializes in manipulating electricity and magnetism, allowing him to create hallucinations and/or powerful electric attacks with his wire system built into the Thunder Regalia. The Thunder Regalia was heavily damaged in an earlier battle with Gabishi but thanks to a rather quick re-tuning, Nue was able to arrive in time to save Kazu and co. from Gabishi. Nue is later present to hear Spitfire's final words. He then reveals that he, along with all the members of Black Crow are second generation Gravity Children. Although he disagrees with the Takeuchi brothers' methods, he tells Ikki that Black Crow will remain part of Genesis, because Sora has promised to change the world so as to enable the Gravity Children to live a normal life. - wikipedia

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